Why Fans Require Constant Content

Student Best Practices in Digital Marketing- Why content matters

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The true die-hard fans of whatever sport you are a part of, the ones who will stick by you when your team is without a win or when your team is going to the championship, only make up 14% of your fan base according to a DigitalSport study of 1,000 football fans. This throws a ring into the who idea of traditional sports marketing of presenting a clean and cool brand. Why? Because those fans don’t need constant stimulation. The other 86%, who casually follow specific teams or trends, require videos, tweets, and game updates.

Today’s fan base is distracted with online shopping, current news, and Facebook/Twitter Posts. As a sports marketer, you’re job is to compete with the content that those entities are producing. Those mediums are constantly pushing content on their viewers, so why shouldn’t your team.

The goal in today’s market is winning over the casual user. Specifically, the user that is simply looking for something to do while in the city or someone who likes sports, but doesn’t totally understand them- they’re interested because their friends or colleagues are. Attracting new demographics and geographies, new businesses who could be potential partners, that is where your future fan base must come from.


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